Adding Value Is Key


In an article published in the Globe and Mail July 5th, 2016, Greg Pollock, President and CEO at Advocis said, “Academic research has confirmed that those who work with a financial adviser accumulate more wealth and are better protected than those who don’t.” This clearly demonstrates the value that financial professionals bring to client relationships.

Adding value is key to retaining clients and growing your business. Here are some insightful questions to ask: How meaningful are the discussions you have with clients? Have you considered why the clients with whom you have a relationship currently are in your life? Are you helping them discover and fulfill their true purpose? Have you clearly defined the value you bring to those who choose to work with you?

I am certain many Canadians desire to gain financial security and therefore, should look to a financial advisor. I am also convinced that many people have dreams and goals that are buried beneath the many cares of life that have choked that vision. Without someone to water that seed, the dream will remain unfulfilled. The goal of accumulating more in life can also deceive people into believing they will never have enough and distract them from what their heart truly desires. Does the value you provide and the wisdom you share extend beyond financial fitness? Are you willing to probe deeper, so that dreams that have been buried below the surface can actually be uncovered, grow and bear fruit?

The mandate of Kingdom Advisors is to help people understand their purpose and help them steward all they have been given. This includes more than finances. Financial resources can be important to accomplish goals but our advice to clients can actually go beyond this. The purpose in a man’s heart is like deep water but it needs to be drawn out or exposed (see Prov. 20:5). Are you an advisor of understanding who will help clients move toward their purpose? Are you able to help them move to being more fulfilled and content in life? Isn’t it true that when you help others move toward contentment, you move to a new level of fulfillment as well?

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