Learning from the Sun and Moon

MoonlightHave you ever seen the sun and moon in the sky together? It is rare, but it is possible. I have been thinking lately about this very thing and both are so different yet each has its specific function. Generally, we associate the sun with daylight and the moon with darkness and night. One important thing they have in common is  actually light. I have driven many times in the dark of night but when there is a white cover of snow and a full moon, it is actually pretty amazing how much the moon lights the night.

Compare the sun and moon to husband and wife … be honest, you did not see that coming did you? Here is a thought: the Bible actually calls the moon the lesser light to govern the night and the sun the greater light to rule the day. In marriage, which one are you?

For those that know me, you would likely say my wife is the greater light. She is so talented and seems to be really good at whatever she does. Come to think of it, she actually loves the light.  I am constantly coming behind her turning the lights off, feeling the lights are on most of the time, consuming electricity needlessly. It is quite interesting that when we dated, we had everything in common, or so it seemed, but now approaching 30 years married, we are almost as different as day and night.

Well here is what’s interesting; we both completed a personality test at a conference we attended together. There were four quadrants and it turns out we are complete opposites. The two areas where I was strong, she was weak and the areas where I was weak, she was actually strong. My first thought was: how are we able to keep this marriage together when we are so different? My second thought was: now I understand a little better. I had to ask, how could people so different be attracted to one another and actually have a pretty good relationship? Maybe you have figured it out by now, but it is pretty simple.  It is in knowing your place.

The sun and moon are similar in that they both give light to the earth, yet very different because they excel at different times. We have learned as a couple that our personalities actually complement each other. We function in different roles, are very different in personality, yet are able to strengthen each other.

Think about purpose for a minute. My purpose here is not to debate the creation narrative and the varying viewpoints.  I do, however, find it interesting that scripture says God was pleased when the sun was made for the day and the moon for the night. We have all been created for a purpose even though we may be very different. Why was this day of creation declared to be good? I believe it was because what was created was given the opportunity to function in the task it was made for; the sun to govern the day, the moon to govern the night. Another word for “govern” or “rule” is “steward” and isn’t that exactly what we are to do everyday?

We were all born with gifts and personality that when developed, is intended to accomplish something significant in relation to this earth. You may be different than your partner in life or your partner in business, or your co-worker. The day can be declared a good day when you govern as you should.  What are you to govern?  Did you notice I asked ‘what’ and not ‘whom’ you govern?  You were born to master something and when you do, fulfilment in your life is the result. Can you accomplish more by working with someone who is very different than you? Isn’t it time that even in the midst of the differences, you both share some light?

Having a “good day” is when you are able to steward well what you have been entrusted with. My genuine wish is this: that at the end of your day,  you can say, “This was a ‘good day.'”

Photo by: Terry Grimes, Creation Photography