How is Your Day?

DSC_0575Here is the view of my back garden, a view that I had for the past 12 years. It is, however, not the view I presently experience since we made a move in 2015. This is for me a reminder that as the days pass, things change.

In some cases, dramatic change happens and can be completely beyond our control, and we just simply have to adjust to what life has delivered to us. Entering 2016, I thought about the wisdom that says, “Teach us to number our days.” Knowing individuals who were less than 10 years older than I am presently, who died in 2015, caused these words to have more impact. This is part of what moves me to begin to document more of my thoughts. It is important to share any wisdom that I have gained in the more than 50 years I have lived and the wisdom that I will gain in the days ahead.

I know it can sound strange or even a bit morbid to number your days. After all, we should focus more on living, not dying, right? That is exactly the point. By realizing that we have a limited number of days, it should help us be more productive in the days that we do have. Therefore, I have determined to share what wisdom I can in the days that I have been given.

Being in the financial services industry for almost a quarter of a century will mean some of that wisdom will be related to money and possessions. Being involved in some form of ministry for most of my life will naturally mean wisdom will sometimes come from the book that is filled with wisdom and will also be geared around spiritual and eternal matters. I also feel that experiences in life have an ability to teach things, but we can only help others with those lessons if we somehow pass on that wisdom.

Just like the photo above is for me now just a memory, photos and video of my grandparents are also just memories of them. The only wisdom I can gain from their lives is really from stories of their experiences that they passed down. I want others to benefit from what I have been able to learn so I have determined to write.  If anyone is interested and seeking wisdom, they can read and gain some insight into what one life is able to reveal. For my family, friends and colleagues I ask you this question: How is your day? Did you complete what you intended? What is the true value of what you were able to accomplish today? Is there a lasting impact for the activities of your day?

My goal is to write once per week, but maybe let’s try every two weeks to start … well that’s the word4now!

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